Curricular Part - Guidelines by the Faculties

Architektur und Raumplanung

Wissensvermittlung, Didaktik und Präsentation (transfer of knowledge, didactics and presentation skills) 2–4 ECTS
Personal Soft Skills 2–4 ECTS
Wissenschaftstheorie und Methodik (philosphy and methods of science) 2–4 ECTS
Thematische Wissenschaftliche Vertiefung (topic related curricular part) 6–12 ECTS

Privatissima and seminars for doctoral candidates may together account for 6 ECTS credits at most.


One Seminar for doctoral candidates (Dissertantenseminar) with 2 ECTS; 16 ECTS have to be courses from the curriculum for doctoral and master studies that are related to the topic of the dissertation. The courses have to be agreed on with the supervisor and approved by the dean of studies. It is also allowed to complete suitable courses that are held at another university (after approval). 

Maschinenwesen und Betriebswissenschaften

We have no reports on the dean of studies' handling of the curricular part. Share your own experience with us!

Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

Courses with significant overlap to courses of the previous master or bachelor studies can be problematic. Apart from that, various master and/or bachelor courses are usually fine. While a  strong connection to one's PhD topic is definitely reasonable, it is not a must.  The "Privatissimum für DissertantInnen" (4 ECTS)  and the "DissertantInnensminar" (2 ECTS) are usually included in the curricular part.

Technische Mathematik

VO, VU min. 9 ECTS
UE, PR max. 6 ECTS
SE, PV max. 6 ECTS

Geodäsie und Geoinformation

VO, VU min. 8 ECTS
PR, UE, LU max. 6 ECTS
PV, SE max. 6 ECTS

Technische Physik

VO, VU 6–14 ECTS
PV + Workshop 2–5 ECTS

Technische Chemie

max. 6 ECTS SE, PV; laboratory excercises only in special cases; excercise courses are normally not accepted. The dean of studies decided that the ECTS points are 1.5 times the amount of hours on the course certificate in the case of VO and VU and exactly the amount of hours in all other cases, regardless of the ECTS points mentioned on the course certificate.


VO, VU min. 9 ECTS
SE, UE, RU, LU, PA, KU max. 6 ECTS
PV max. 2 ECTS
Soft Skill LVAen max. 4 ECTS
Summer Schools* max. 6 ECTS

Summer Schools can only be accepted if they cover a relevant scientific specialisation. To proof this, a written report and a confirmation of the advisor is necessary.

Informatik und Wirtschaftsinformatik

max. 6 ECTS SE, PV; no PR or UE. The dean of studies decided that the ECTS points on the course certificates are relevant. In case of no ECTS points mentioned on the course certificate, they are calculated by multiplying the hours by a factor of 1.5.