Election of Student Representatives

Here you will find all results of the election: Election results 2015

The election of the student representatives at the TU Wien (TU Wien) takes place from 19 to 21 May 2015. Make use of your right to vote and thus support the doctoral student representative body! Below we want to sum up what the accomplishments of our work during the last two years were. Furthermore, we describe what we want to achieve during the next two years. You will also find all relevant information about where and how you can vote on this site.

What and who can you vote for?

You can vote for the doctoral student representatives (Programme Representation of Students or in German "Studienvertretung"), the representatives of all students at the TU Wien (University Representation of Students or in German "Universitätsvertretung") and the representatives of all students in Austria (National Representation of Students or in German "Bundesvertretung"). Further information is available at the HTU Homepage.

Programme Representation of Students

The students' representation for doctoral programmes represents the interests of doctoral candidates at the TU Wien. This comprises the counselling of doctoral candidates, participation in the curricular commission, contact to professors and the works council (Betriebsrat). The election for the programme representation is a personal election, there are five persons to be elected (you may mark up to five crosses on the ballot).

The students' representatives are at the same time members of the Fachschaft Doktorat, which is open for all doctoral candidates. Decisions are made by everyone participating in the Fachschaft, not only by the elected representatives. The elections legitimise the representatives, which makes the described decision making process possible.

University Representation of Students

The University Representation of Students represents the interests of all students at the TU Wien. This includes participation in the senate, contact to the rectorate and the Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy. You may vote for one political group. Depending on the votes for each party, the seats (which will be 19 in the next term, starting on 1 July 2015) are allocated as the D'Hondt method describes.

National Representation of Students

The representation at national level represents all sutdents in Austria. This comprises counselling, communication with the Austrian government and political commitment. You may vote for one political group. According to the result the 55 seats are proportionally distributed to different lists.

Who is entitled to vote?

Every doctoral student, who has payed the tuition fee/students' union fee and the TU Wien has received the payment before the deadline of 31 March 2015, is entitled to vote.

Polling places and opening hours

Doctoral students may cast their ballots in the election of the sudent representatives in every polling place at the TU Wien. Detailed information about the polling places and their opening hours will be published soon. There will be 7 polling places, spread out over three sites of the campus: Gußhausstraße 27-29 (Neues Elektrotechnisches Institut - in front of EI 9), Karlsplatz 13 (Hauptgebäude - Prechtlsaal) and Getreidemarkt 9 (altes Kesselhaus, 3rd floor).

The opening hours of the polling places are:

Tuesday, 19 May 2015: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Thursday, 21 May 2015: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Absentee Voting

You are able to vote for one political group for the University Representation and the National Representation each via ballot card during this ÖH elections for the first time. In case, that you will be absent during the election days, you can order a ballot card between 1 April 2015 and 12 May 2015 here: https://www4.formularservice.gv.at/OeH/

You have to verify your identity either by uploading a copy of one identification card or via "Bürgerkarte"/phone signature. Please note that the electoral commission has to check the copy of your identification card (if uploaded), which could take some time. You will get an e-mail, sent to your student e-mail account, with a verification link as an aditional safety measure. Please check after ordering the ballot card your e-mails.

Plese take into account that sending the ballot card via mail (once to your address, you have stated at the university and then back again to the electoral commission) could take some time. The electoral commission has to receive it until 20 May 2015 6 p.m.. Otherwise your vote will be invalid.

Please note that the first ballot cards can be ordered since 1 April, but will be sent after 23 April. This is the first moment where the candidates and the political groups will be fixed.

If you order a ballot card you have to take into account, that you must not vote in person for the University Representation and the National Representation during the election days. You are allowed to vote for the Programme Representation in person. If you would like to vote for everything in person during the election days, please come with your ballot card to the polling place of your choice. As long as your ballot card is not filled in, you are allowed to vote in person.

Candidates for the PhD student representatives

The election of the PhD student representation is an election of up to FIVE persons. You may mark up to FIVE candidates with a cross on the ballot. The candidates are:


Markus Bajones

Markus Bajones

Alexander Fischl

Alexander Fischl

Alexander Grill

Alexander Grill

Christoph Fröhlich


Martin Müller



The Fachschaft Doktorat encourages you to vote for ALL FIVE of them. This ensures that your interests can be represented properly and effectively.

Our achievements

Apart from regular tasks and offers like student consultation, contributions on improving the doctoral curriculum at TU Wien, negotiations with professors and many more, we recently realized some open projects.

Creation of a new bilingual homepage

Providing official and informal informations constitues a main responsibility of the Fachschaft Doktorat. Therefore, a completely bilingual homepage in both german and english was set up. Now, www.fsdr.at is an excellent ressource for young scientists providing informations on processes and latest issues around your PhD.

Offering workshops for doctoral students

Fachschaft Doktorat has been organizing dozes of workshops for doctoral students over the last years, providing students without employment at TU Wien with some opportunities otherwise reserved for employees only.

Offering orientation course

Simultaniously with offering workshops we started with organizing orientation courses for new doctoral students, providing them with basic informations about the curriculum, employment possibilities at the university, and various topics related to starting a PhD at TU Wien. Moreover, these courses have proven to be perfect networking events connecting young researchers from all different field at TU Wien.

Strengthening the cooperation with Eurodoc

Eurodoc is a european platform for student representatives of doctoral studies, in which Fachschaft Doktorat is actively participating. Therefore we are able to give doctoral candidates at TU Wien a voice on an european level and gain insight on transnational trends.

Stammtisch for PhD students

A Stammtisch is a regular informal meeting at a pub, where various topics like open access, teaching, “How-to PhD” and other upcoming issues. While the relaxed atmosphere may inspire creative solutions for difficult problems, it is definitely a great opportunity to meet people.

Expansion of our office hours

Fachschaft Doktorat offers biweekly office hours for individual questions regarding a PhD at TU Wien. Beside, we offer individual consultation on short notice for pressing issues.


Our demands and goals

As Fachschaft Doktorat, we want to represent and promote the interests of young scientists at TU Wien. Therefore, we have set ourselves the following goals.

Strengthen the interdisziplinary connection of doctoral candidates

Connecting and sharing ideas and concepts across fields and disciplines is an important part of ones dissertation. Therefore, Fachschaft Doktorat wants to bridge faculty borders over the next years by improving our workshops and courses and supporting interdisciplinary projects like the Vienna Young Scientists Symposion (VSS).

Expand, harmonize and improve financing opportunities for doctoral studies

While doctoral candidates carry out a significant share of all scientific research at TU Wien, funding their studies is often a major challenge. Thus, we want to harmonize employment contracts with full 40 hours per week for all doctoral students as an ideal goal. Moreover, scholarships opportunities for doctoral candidates should be expanded.

Specialized lectures for doctoral candidates

While the curriculum for doctoral studies requires lectures and courses, specific offering aiming at doctoral candidates are hardly available across TU Wien. Therefore, doctoral candidates are usually forced to attend master courses.