Last updated on 01.10.2014
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Recently, a writ from the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy has reached the rector's office of the Vienna University of Technology. The writ defines how § 2 (1) of the Bundesgesetzes über die Verleihung des Doktorates unter den Auspizien des Bundespräsidenten (federal law regarding the granting of the doctorate under the auspices of the president) has to be interpreted for graduates of universities of applied sciences. Admitted for a promotion under the auspiciis of the president are amongst others those who have the best results of examinations as defined by their study regulations in all subjects and have passed all examinations for the doctorate (Rigorosum) with honours. For the results of examinations at the universities the parts of the bachelor, masters or diploma examinations are used correspondingly (all with the grade "sehr gut"). Because comparable parts of examinations don't exist at universities of applied sciences, the writ defines that the grade point average of exams and passed courses is not allowed to be worse thand 1.5.


From the newsletter of the FWF

"The FWF Executive Board has decided that FWF will not be in a position to accept applications for Special Research Programmes (SFB) and Doctoral Programmes (DK) with the planned submission deadline 30. Sep 2014. The decision to suspend the submission of new Special Research Programmes and Doctoral Programmes is solely due to financial framework conditions which the whole tertiary education sector as well as the academic research system – including the FWF – are currently facing, as negotiations concerning the federal budget are on the way.

The FWF is fully aware that these programmes are of great importance for Austrian research institutions for developing their research profiles and setting their priorities. The step to suspend the submission of new proposals for SFBs and DKs is taken with the expectation that FWF will be given a financial perspective and stability which will enable FWF to finance these programs also in the future..

Applications of concepts which are currently under peer review – i.e. those submitted by 30. Sep 2013 – will be dealt with in the March session of the FWF Board."

Article by Der Standard (in german):


The higher administrative court has decided (file number 2013/10/0140) that graduates of relevant diploma or master programmes as well as graduates of a relevant course at a technical college according to § 5 (3) (now § 6 (4)) of the University of Applied Sciences Act (Fachhochschulgesetz, FHStG) are to be admitted to doctoral studies without further requirements. Graduates of technical colleges who finished a master programme that falls under the "Regulation of the Minister of Science and Research of Doctoral Studies of Technical Sciences for Graduates of University of Applied Sciences Master Programmes" („Verordnung der Bundesministerin für Wissenschaft und Forschung über das Doktoratsstudium der technischen Wissenschaften für Absolventinnen und Absolventen von Fachhochschul- Masterstudiengängen“) have finished a relevant programme by all means.

Graduates of technical colleges who are already admitted and fall under the referred regulation should contact the Department for Studies (Studienabteilung) or go there in person with their notification. Depending on the official notification the requirements may be waived.


Juli 3rd, 2013 the guidline for cumulative dissertations was published in the bulletin of the Vienna University of Technology, see guidline cumulative dissertation.