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Who's who in the Fachschaft Doktorat

Johannes Kalliauer
I studied my Master in civil engineering 2016 at TU Wien and I have been in Students Council of Civil Engineering. Now I am a Universityassistant at institute for mechanics of Materials and Structures and work on my PhD about DNA.

Thomas Kiefer
Thomas studied civil engineering at TU Wien, where he was already a member of the students council. Additionally, he worked for the tutorial project of the federal students association. After having finished his studies he started as a project assistant at the institute for mechanics of materials and structures, where he is currently working on modelling of brick structures on different length scales.

Christoph Fröhlich He finished his master in Automation in the faculty of electrical engineering at TU Wien. During his time as a pregraduate student he became involved in the student union and participated in improving the curricula of the bachelor and master programmes of the faculty. Since 2015 he is employed at the Automation and Control Institute and researches in the field of control of hydraulic machines.

Alexander Grill
After finishing my master in the field of microelectronics, I started my dissertation at the Institute for Microelectronics in March 2013. Since I also was a student representative in my former studies, I hope I can help with the problems and needs of doctoral students.

Markus Bajones
I finished my master thesis for electrical engineering at the TU Wien. During my bachelor and master studies I have been working as a student representative (for electrical engineering and unversity wide) and want to use the gained experience in the work as representative for doctoral candidates. During my first year as doctoral candidate, the topic of my thesis in the group Vision for Robotics has yet to be stated precisely. 

Andreas Deutschmann
Andreas is yet another electrical engineer among the current student representatives. After finishing his master studies in 2014, he's now working at the Automation and Control institute investigating mathematical models for chirped pulse amplifiers. Believing that doubt is a primal impulse for science and liberal arts, he seriously doubts he is ever going to finish his philosophy master.

Martin Müller
Martin is working on his dissertation since 2013 at the Automation and Control Institute. His research is about controller and observer design in steel industry. During his diploma study he was allready working as student representative at the faculty of eletrotechnical engineering.

Claudius Schmitt
Claudius is doing his phd since 2014 at the researche group on engineering geodesy at the department of Geodesy and Geoinformation. Beside his lectures he work's on the topic of geometric modeling of 3D point clouds for structural mechanic analysis.

Martin Meiringer
After Martin received his Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering in 2016 he started working as a Doctoral Candidate at the Automation and Control Institute at the faculty of Electrical Engineering. During his study, Martin was involved in the study comission of electrical engineering and doing different jobs at the Fachschaft Elektrotechnik.

Matthias Steinböck
Although being a software engineer I worked on a design pattern catalog for digital card games at the HCI for my master thesis. I got interested in the field of psychoinformatics and currently try to find a precise research question in the field of motivation research, game studies and human computer interaction. During my studies at TU Wien I've worked a lot to finance my living and founded three companies. Currently I am returning to research and keeping the FSDR IT alive.



Colleagues formerly active in the Fachschaft Doktorat


Alexander Fischl
Alex studied Business Informatics at TU Wien and is working on his dissertation at the Faculty of Informatics. His research interest centers around mobile apps and dynamic mobile app interfaces within personal area networks. Apart from that, he engages with the dynamic Austrian startups ecosystem as a freelance consultant, and joined the Fachschaft to help improve the environment for his doctoral fellows.

Wolfgang Müller
Wolfgang Müller has studied mathematics at the TU Wien. He has held different offices in students representation. Now he is working at AIT on his dissertation. Because he likes to be there for his colleagues, he wants to become representative for the doctoral programme.

Bianka Ullmann
After I finished my diploma programme Technical Physics, I startet as a doctoral candidate at the TU Wien. Currently I am working on the single-trap characterisation in nanoscale MOSFETs at the Institute for Microelectronics. I have been working as a student representative since 2006. First as a member of the programme representation of students of Technical Physics then as a member of the university representation of students and now as a representative of the doctoral candidates at the TU Wien.

Markus WallerbergerMarkus Wallerberger
is annoyed by the reaction he gets when disclosing his field of study, because that reaction is either "I ****** hated that in school!" or "Oh, like Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory!". Suffers from severe perfectionism, which means that probably people have to wait for another ancient calendar to end before his Ph.D. thesis is finished.

Walid Hetaba
I completed my diploma thesis at the Institut of Solid State Physics in the field of transmission electron microscopy. Now, I'm working on my dissertation doing research on the theory of inelastic electron scattering. The experimental part deals with the question "whatever holds the world together in its inmost folds". My experience as a students representative resulted in working as the vice head of the curricular commission for the doctoral studies beginning with November 2011 and subsequently as the head of the comission between October 2012 and March 2014. Furthermore, I became rather experienced in being employed at different universities and research facilities at the same time.

Patrik Zips
Patrik Zips studied electrical engineering at TU Wien. He finished in 2012 and now works on his dissertation at the Automation and Control Institute. In his diploma study he took part in creating the new Curricular as well as work in the student representative.

Christine Artner
In the meantime I have finished my Doctoral Programm in Chemistry and I am currently working at the Institute of Materials Chemistry. As a formed member of the representation for the doctoral programme I still try to find time to help out.

Thomas Huber
has studied physics at TU Wien. Currently he is trying to finish his PhD at the Institute of Solid State Physics also at TU Wien. He was a member of the representation for the doctoral programme.

Katharina Langer-Hansel

Robert Bischof

Edgar Holleis

Nicole Paces

Philipp Dörsek

Wolfgang Rohringer

David Gruber

Markus Holzweber

Edmund Widl
True metal just is ugly.

Peter Kristöfel

Christian Koller 

Andreas Fritsch