Welcome to the web site of the Fachschaft Doktorat. We are the representation of interests of doctoral candidates at TU Wien. We act in self-governing bodies at the university. We support and advise you in your matters of studies and research. Aside from this we offer workshops and a social programme. We are very pleased about your feedback and suggestions—especially from people who go the whole hog and want to reinforce our team or introduce their issues and positions in one of our jour fixe meetings.

The date for the next office hour is on Monday, 16th August 2022 17:30 – 18:00 and takes place at our new office in the main building, room AF EG 32.

If you do not have time during the office hour you also can write us an email and we do our best to arrange an online meeting with you.

The date for the next Jour Fixe is on Tuesday, 16th August 2022 18:00 and takes place at the FSDr room at our new office in the main building, room AF EG 32.

If you have any questions please write us an email.

For the location of the office of Fachschaft Doktorat, see contact.

For general information on doing a PhD at TU Wien start with studies (and its subpoints) and after that, of course, the FAQ. If you are already enrolled, you might be interested in our news below or like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date.

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    After a series of cancelled parties, the Summer Fest is going to take place!So be aware of our next get-together for all doctoral candidates, and…

  • Orientation Program

    We cordially invite you to our orientation program for all doctoral candidates commencing their PhD studies in the summer term 2022. Especially for beginners we…

  • FSDr-Seminar

    The Fachschaft Doktorat spent this weekend at the Rax, where we held our seminar. This time, no long-serving veterans accompanied the currently elected and new…