Thesis Agreement

Shortly after starting your research, you should complete the Thesis Agreement with your supervisor and have it approved by the dean of studies. The Fachschaft Doktorat recommends to conclude on this as soon as possible because it implements a safety measure for you. (We are aware that this form is provided separately by all faculties. We try to keep this link as up-to-date as possible.)

The agreement is built up of three parts which are put together in one form. The three parts are described in the following and in our cheat sheet. You can find the form on the homepages of the office of the dean (Dekanatszentrum) of your faculty. After filling in the form it should be signed by your supervisor and you. After this you should submit it in the office of the dean of your faculty. If you don’t get any feedback or reply this means that it is approved by the Dean of Studies.

Announcement of a Doctoral Thesis

The announcement of a doctoral thesis is mainly an information for the TU Wien that you are working on your thesis. As topic of your thesis you can choose a working title. This title is not necessarily the final topic of your dissertation. The announcement includes also a short abstract of your thesis.

Thesis Agreement

The Thesis Agreement is an agreement between you and your supervisor. You should agree on how often you will have discussions about the dissertation progress. Since feedback is important for your research work the Fachschaft Doktorat strongly recommends to fill out this form as soon as possible after starting your research.

Application for Approval of the courses for the doctoral program

In this part of the form the curricular part is defined. This means, that the courses within the curricular part (18 ECTS) are selected and agreed upon. If you want to or need to (e.g. when the course is not available anymore) change your courses after the approval by the dean of studies and your supervisor, you should fill in a new application and submit it in the office of the dean. You can also include more than 18 ECTS in this list in order to have more room to choose or if a course you planned is canceled. Furthermore, we have a list of example courses here.

Cheat Sheet

We created a cheat sheet that helps you fill in the form.