Election of Student Representatives

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Election of the Student Representatives. You can find the results here (in German).

Next Election of Student Representatives (ÖH-Wahl)

The next election of the student representatives (at all levels) takes place in the summer term 2025. Make use of your right to vote, thus support the student representative body and make your voice heard! Below we want to sum up what the accomplishments of our work during the last two years were. Furthermore, we describe what we want to achieve during the next two years. You will also find all relevant information about where and how you can vote on this site.

What and who can you vote for?

You can vote the representatives for the PhD Program Representation, the Students’ Union at the TU Wien and the Austrian Students’ Union. Further information is available in German on www.htu.at/wahl

PhD Program Representation

The PhD Program Representation represents the interests of all PhD students at TU Wien. The election of the student representatives is an election of persons. You may elect up to five representatives (you may mark up to five crosses on the ballot).

The current PhD Student Representatives are Martin Stefan Baumann, Lisa-Marie Geiginger, Bettina Kern, Christoph Ribisch and Claudia Steinbach.

The students’ representatives are members of the Fachschaft Doktorat at the same time, which is open for all doctoral candidates. Decisions are made by everyone participating in the Fachschaft, not only by the elected representatives. The elections legitimize the representatives, which makes the described decision-making process possible.

Students’ Union at TU Wien:

The Students’ Union represents the interests of all students at TU Wien. You may vote for one list.
Depending on the votes for each list, the 17 seats are allocated.

Austrian Students’ Union:

The Austrian Students’ Union represents the interests of all students in Austria. You may vote for one list, just like for the Students’ Union at TU Wien. Depending on the votes for each party, the 55 seats are allocated.

Who is entitled to vote?

Every PhD student, whose payment tuition fee/students’ union fee has been registered before the deadline (will be updated before the next election) is entitled to vote.

Polling places and opening hours

PhD students may cast their ballots in the election of the student representatives in every polling place at TU Wien. A list of polling places with corresponding opening hours can be found at www.htu.at/oeh-wahl.

What is FSDr doing for you?

  • Providing information regarding PhD studies at TU Wien at our bilingual homepage
  • Offering workshops for doctoral students
  • Representation of all doctoral students at the official committees at TU Wien
  • Contributing in the curriculum and concerning guidelines
  • Orientation courses for young scientists on a regular basis
  • Stammtisch for PhD students
  • Organizing a Winter-/Sommerfest (winter-/summer feast) each semester
  • Biweekly office hours and additional support via e-mail
  • Offering help for solving problem cases with official organs at TU Wien

Our demands and goals

Our goal for the upcoming period is the improvement of our services, next to that we stand for:

  • Simplification and unification of formal processes during your PhD studies (e.g. thesis agreement, Diss-Tiss, proficiency evaluation).
  • Realistic completion of a PhD study after three years.
  • Sufficient time and financial resources for free reseach.
  • Well organized mentoring and supervision
  • Specialized lectures for doctoral candidates, which can not be rejected as curricular part.
  • Expand, harmonize and improve financing opportunities for doctoral studies:
    • 40h contract for at least three years until the rigorosum.
    • Waiving of tution fees until the rigorosum.
  • Equal possibilities of cumulative dissertations, regardless of the faculty.
    Requirements for the involved publications should be transparent.
  • Recruit motivated colleagues to broaden the FSDr over all faculties.
  • Strengthening the interdisciplinary connection of doctoral candidates