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P is for Procrastination

Procrastination, n., from lat: procrastinatio – the behaviour of some browsers to open random, mostly humoristic websites whenever you need to work on your thesis. According to a recent study, browsers choose these sites quite often:

  • PhD comics – Singing the Ph. D. blues since 1997: an institution to help desperate Ph. D. students – well – not to feel alone at least. You see a lot of these comics in offices of PhD students around the world.
  • xkcd – A former rocket scientist covers the beauty of math, the dread of existence and everything in between with minimalistic black-and-white stick-figure comics, and he hits the mark almost every time. In the nerd community, the phrase “There is a Monty Python sketch for that” is slowly but steadily replaced by “There is a(n) xkcd comic for that”.
  • SMBC comics – It began as a series of surrealistic one-panel-plus-caption jokes, but soon evolved into hilarious and scorching criticism of mental shortcuts, delivered in angsty monologue, crazy dialogue or Asimovian what-if scenarios.
  • Order Of The StickLooking For Group and Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic – There are those who say that the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons is a form of birth control, but many of them spend their free time swishing with their fingers over a glass surface to cut imaginary fruit with an imaginary ninja sword, so you know: hypocrits gonna be hypocritical. All three comics are essentially love letters to a truly extraordinary game.
  • Buzzfeed9gag – Fast food restaurants for the brain: they seems absolutely necessary when you enter it, mildly satisfying while you are there, but ultimately leave you feeling hollow and sick.
  • Nicht Lustig German Comics which are not funny.