Request for Input for the Strategy Process

The TU Vienna Works Council is currently looking for contributions to the TU Wien Development Plan 2030. If you are a doctoral student with employment at the TU Wien, please take a look at the information below and add your input!

Dear colleagues,

As determined in the TU Wien 2030 Development Plan, preparations for the TU Wien strategy development process are currently underway, which will begin with a kick-off event on April 11th. As the works council, we want to play an active role in this process and bring in and represent the concerns of all colleagues. As a first step, we have therefore prepared an online survey where you can enter your concerns. In addition, already entered topics can be rated, resulting in a ranking. We cordially invite you all to deposit your wishes and suggestions by Friday, April 5, 2024! The proposals available by then can subsequently be ranked until April 12, 2024. The survey is anonymous and complies with data protection regulations! The entries will be read by the chair team, thematically clustered, and introduced into the strategy process by us depending on the ranking.

The survey consists of 2 parts for organizational reasons. In the first part, we ask you to enter the topics where you see a need for action. In the second part, we would like to know what (also in comparison to other universities) you think is currently working well and therefore should not be changed. Under the following link, you have the opportunity to enter topics and rank them high. Please enter your concerns! (Please open the link, click on “Open Q&A”, and off you go. After the Q&A is finished, continue here…)

Under the following link, you have the opportunity to enter topics/areas that are currently working well and should NOT be changed: (Please open the link, click on “Open Q&A”, and off you go.) Here you can also share any comments with us.

We hope for widespread participation and thank you in advance for your cooperation!

The chair team of the works council for academic and artistic staff at TU Wien Simone Knaus, Johannes Bernardi & Kurt Weninger

*Link to EP 2030: ** Link to the livestream: