FSDr Seminar

The Fachschaft Doktorat spent the weekend in lovely Gmünd in lower Austria for a very productive seminar. We were very happy to welcome four new FSDr members at the seminar – please check our who-is-who page for more information. We had two intense days of working on current topics including the upcoming ÖH elections in May, an update of our IT services, and introducing our newest members to the most important processes at TU Wien. All of us are now ready and eager to answer your questions as part of the students union. To remember our productive seminar, we chose the most lovely place at the hotel, the “love garden”, to take a picture of us with our beloved roll-up. The photo point truly wasn’t that “schiach” 😀

Now we are motivated for the semester to come and we are already looking forward to the next seminar – if you want to join us, just send us a mail or come to one of our office hours / jours fixes.