LaTeX Workshop

Have you ever had the problem that your documents are very tedious to format and don’t look as professional like a scientific paper? Have you ever had to implement large mathematical formulas or sections of code into a document and you were not satisfied with the outcome?

Then you might enjoy our LaTeX course where we provide introduction into LaTeX for complete beginners. The course will cover the basics of creating LaTeX documents, from your first “hello world” passing by some tables and formatting styles reaching formulas and math examples in a hands on manner.

We will show you (hopefully) some quirks and traps that LaTeX offers to beginners and give you a feeling for LaTeX while still helping you debugging.

This seminary accessible by all PhD students from TU Wien free of charge and will be held on Thursday, March 9 at 5:30 p.m. in CA0426.

Unfortunately there are no free spots, but you can sign up here if you want info for future LaTeX workshops.

We are looking forward to see you at the event!